Rules governing access to sgiker courses

Student Service

Information about the courses is available on the SGIker website: The Student Service will endeavour to respond to all questions, consultations and requests for further information regarding the availability of places, timetables, content and teaching staff (


Training offer

The content of the catalogue of the courses offered, their periodic updates, enrolments and other information of interest is available via the website Enrolment can be done directly via this website, in addition to any other consultation related to courses.


Design of a la carte courses or those that take place in company

The technicians and personnel from the service who are in charge of each training course will advise interested parties on the design of formative actions other than those, which are regularly offered, or of the possibility of teaching a course to a specific group of researchers or professionals.
In such case, SGIker will make a variety of proposals and financial offers according to the nature of the course and the content requested.




Enrolment on courses is done via the website, where the enrolment form must be completed with personal details and the method of payment required.
Once enrolment has been completed, the participant will receive an email confirming this, and the person in charge of the course will subsequently get in contact with them to confirm that a place on the course has been reserved.

Admission to the course will be done by order of registration, if the requirements for participation are met. In the event that there are more registrations than places offered, a waiting list will be created and the persons included in this list will be notified.


Requirements and documents

Participants will need to meet the academic and professional requirements demanded for participation on the course in accordance with the subjects and objectives set out by the program being proposed.
In this case, SGIker personnel might request supporting documents in order to certify compliance with the requirements of the participant profile established and contained in the course file.


Methods of payment

When enrolling, the choice of one of four available methods of payment is requested. Two of these are aimed at people linked to UPV/EHU and the other two, at people not linked to UPV/EHU.

People linked to UPV/EHU

  1. Payment by transfer between ORGANICAs: when the course is going to be paid by an ORGANICA of a project or Department.  
  2. Payment by bank transfer: when the person is linked to the UPV/EHU but will personally meet the cost of the course.


People not linked to UPV/EHU

  1. Paid by a private individual: when the person not linked to UPV/EHU meets the cost of the course.
  2. Paid by a company: when the person not linked to UPV/EHU is an employee of a company or body and the latter meets the cost of the course.

Enrolment has been completed when the course fees have been paid.


Course payment

Course payment must be paid prior to commencement of the course. For registration it is required to make a tuition income to the account indicated and send us a copy of the receipt to the direction .Otherwise, the SGIker reserve the right to cancel reservation of the place after informing the interested party thereof.

Payment of the enrolment or bank transfer (not transfer between ORGANICAs) must be made to the account number of the Vice-Rectorate of Research of the UPV/EHU, indicating the name and surnames and course on which the participant is enrolled on the reference.

  • Bank: Kutxabank
  • Account number: 2095 0292 90 9101266146
  • IBAN ES 33 2095 0292 90 9101266146

The fees to be paid on each course can be consulted in the relevant file. The relevant file has a distinction between three types of fee: one for internal users or users from the UPV/EHU, and a further two for external users outside the UPV/EHU: participants from Public Research Bodies (PRBs) and private individuals or employees of companies or private entities.


Modifications to enrolment

Students may make modifications to the personal details contained on the enrolment form, in addition to the method of payment selected. These modifications are made via e-mail  


Refund of enrolment fee

The SGIker will refund the enrolment fee in the event that the requirements demanded of the participant profile are not met and in the event of cancellation on grounds of force majeure. Refund of the enrolment fee will be in accordance with the following criteria:

  1. 100% of the enrolment paid in the case of those requests for cancellation of enrolment that are made at least 7 calendar days prior to commencement of the course.  
  2. The SGIker reserve the right to accept or reject requests for refunds or cancellation of enrolment about which they have been notified less than seven calendar days prior to commencement of the course.  Any cancellations within these seven calendar days will result in 30% of the enrolment fee being retained.
  3. In any event, no enrolment fees will be refunded where cancellation is not informed by reliable means prior to commencement of the course.  


Certificates of participation

Students participating on training courses are entitled to obtain a certificate of participation if they have attended at least 80% of the total duration of the course.

This certificate is obtained via electronic download from the website by inserting the identification number with which the student has been provided during the enrolment process.



Any person who accesses the laboratories and the equipment attached to the Advanced Research Facilities, SGIker, must maintain a commitment to security and confidentiality, both in relation to people and infrastructure, including the data and information to which he may have access in the Service. In this case, he must convincingly demonstrate their compliance with this commitment accepting these rules by requesting the course, either by signing the appropriate confidentiality agreement which the technical staff will make available.