Bilbao Research Economics (BiRE)

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Facultad de Economía y Empresa Bizkaia
Investigador/a principal
Javier Gardeazabal
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  • Javier Gardeazabal
  • Alaitz Artabe
  • Aitor Ciarreta
  • María Paz Espinosa
  • Javier García
  • Jaromir Kovarik
  • Ana Martin
  • Luis Miller
  • Cristina Pizarro
  • Amagoia Sagasta
  • José María Usategui
  • Ainhoa Vega
  • Ainhoa Zarraga
  • Peru Muniain
  • Sofía Ruiz

Líneas de investigación

Our research team currently carries out the following research lines:

Energy Markets

The role of renewable energy sources within energy markets and the interconnection of national markets.


The inclusion of risk into networks and the individiual preferences and social integration.

Conflict Analysis

The analysis and measurement of the determinants and economic consequences of armed conflict.

Political Economy

The analysis of voting rules and the preferences for inequality using experimental techniques, as well as the empirical analysis of strategic voting in parlamentary elections.

Industrial Economics

The study of durable goods markets and R&D, as well as the analysis of optimal taxation policies for pollution emissions.

Oferta de transferencia e innovación

BiRE researches use state of the art economic theory and econometric methods applied to, among other fields, analysis of market competition, counterfactual impact evaluation, network data analysis, experimental analysis of social behavior. We do the finest microeconomic and econometric consultancy.

BiRE researches collaborate with two masters:

Master in Economics: Empirical Applications and Policies

Master in Banca y Finanzas Cuantitivas

and the Doctoral Program in Quantitative Finance and Economics


  • We have access to behavioral laboratories
  • We mantain our own servers for computational purposes

Proyectos destacados

Networks, Innovation, Culture, Employment and Growth, ECO2015-64467-R (MINECO/FEDER)

Advances in Behavioral Economics, Networks, Gender and Growth, ECO2012-35820 (MINECO/FEDER)

Bilbao Research Economics, Basque Government IT783-13