lunch service

Lunch service

All registered participants will receive five lunch tickets on arrival at the reception desk, which can be used to get lunch at the main university restaurant in the Leioa Campus, from Monday to Friday. Opening hours of this restaurant are from 13:30 to 14:45. It takes less than 5 minutes on foot to reach the university restaurant from the Faculty of Science and Technology. You simply have to go up the iron staircase that you find opposite the faculty in 'Jorge Oteiza plaza' (on the campus map below, at the corner of the building with red and yellow stripes), and then walk forward for about a hundred metres on the platform. The university restaurant is the next building to the left on the map, if you look carefully at the sign on it, you will see a spoon crossed with a fork...

There are also two cafeterias that serve meals in 'Mikel Laboa plaza', the square in front of entrance number 1 to the Faculty of Science and Technology, and these are open all morning and in the early afternoon. Be aware, however, that lunch tickets can only be used at the main university restaurant.

If a non-registered accompanying person wants to have lunch at the university restaurant on a specific day, it will be possible to buy a ticket for that purpose. In that case, please, contact the organisation.