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Matrix Converter

J. Andreu, J. L. Martín, I. Kortabarria, E. Ibarra, U. Bidarte, I. Martínez de Alegría, P. Ibañez

Patent number 234169315. Published in B.O.P.I. in June 24th of 2010.

The present invention relates to a matrix converter comprising at least two phases of entry and at least two output phases, typically three in both cases, and a bidirectional switch number equal to the product of the number of input phases by the number of output phases, each input phase being connected with each output phase by means of one of these bidirectional switches. The matrix converter further comprises at least one redundant bidirectional switch, which is connected to, at least, one input phase and, at least, to one output phase. These input and output connections include the elements to allow the parallel connection of the bidirectional redundant switch to a damaged bidirectional switch of the original matrix converter. In order to make this connection it is not necessary to tun of the power converter.