System-on-Chip design for critical systems

System-on-Chip design for critical systems

SoC4cris, the first RISC-V based SoC semiconductor designed in the Basque Country

The University of the Basque Country leads the SoC4cris project focused on the design of an SoC in UDSM technology.

First publication date: 18/10/2022


The objective of this project is to design in the Basque Country the first 'Chip' with European RISC-V CPU technology, in order to advance in the design of a computing and communications platform oriented towards applications in key sectors for our economy, such as industry and healthcare.


The research group APERT from the School of Engineering in Bilbao (UPV/EHU) leads the Elkartek SoC4cris project, whose objective is the design and manufacturing of a semiconductor device ("Chip") using Ultra-Deep-SubMicron microelectronics technology.

This Chip is based on a microprocessor subsystem with a RISC-V type CPU, a technology promoted in Europe to increase technological sovereignty in the sector .

Additionally, the "Chip" will incorporate internal modules for sensor communication and data preprocessing developed by the technological centers CEIT, Ikerlan, and Tekniker. The IKOR R&D center will contribute an experimental electronic board for testing the device.

The Basque Microlectronic Hub initiative, arising from GAIA, contributes to the project in dissemination and inter-cluster coordination activities.

This project is funded by the Basque Government's SPRI Business Development Agency.

The basic project information is as follows:

Project Title: Research and Training in the R&D&I Ecosystem for the Design, Manufacturing, and Testing of Semiconductors for Critical Systems

Funding Entity: Basque Government (ELKARTEK KK-2023/00015)


Duration: From March 23 to March 25

Grant Amount: 867,737.00 euro

Responsible Researcher: Dr. Armando Astarloa