The Applied Electronics Research Team (APERT) is constituted by professors, lectures and researchers which their activities are mainly carried out at the Electronics Technology Department of the Faculty of Engineering of Bilbao. 

Core Activities

  • Collaborations in R+D projects financed by public calls of the different administrations.
  • Conducting R+D projects under contract for companies or institutions within the scope of the research lines of the group.
  • Training for companies on issues related to the research agenda of the group.
  • Expertise assessment: Technology consulting, technical studies or reports on various aspects of our research.
  • Implementation of doctoral thesis, publications in international journals, conferences, patents, …


APERT designs and develops an experimental 2KA Power Supply of the inner triplet magnets of the CERN

First publication date: 03/06/2021

APERT research group from the University of the Basque Country has been granted with a CERN contract to develop a Power Converter Topologies for Inner Triplet magnets with Energy Recovery in the framework of the High Luminosity upgrade for the LHC at CERN.
This 3-year contract is great milestone for APERT team, that recognizes its excellence in the design and development of new generation power inverters.
The research results obtained within this project will contribute not only to improve LHC, but to develop new control techniques and power inverter architectures.

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