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The group has a research laboratory located in the School of Engineering of Bilbao which has, among others, the following material resources: 

  • Simulation programs and electronic design: 
    • Programs for electronic and microelectronic design: OrCAD Allegro, Mentor Graphics, Keysight ADS.
    • Simulation programs for the design and analysis of power electronic circuits: Matlab-Simulink and PSIM.
    • Software design, simulation and synthesis of programmable logic devices: Max + Plus II and Altera Quartus, Xilinx ISE and EDK.


  • Equipment for electrical characterization: 
    • Oscilloscopes: Tektronix DPO7054 500MHz; Tektronix DPO7054C 500MHz; Tektronix DPO2014B 100MHZ; Agilent DSO90604A 6GHz, Rohde&Schwarz HMO1002MAX 100MHz.
    • CAN-LIN ScopeCorder: Yokogawa DL850EV.
    • Power Analyzer: Voltech PM6000 de up to 1500 V y 30 A.
    • Spectrum analyzers: Agilent N1996A 3GHz, R&S FSE30 y R&S FS20.
    • Impedance analyzer: Wayne Kerr 6440b.
    • Function generators: Siglent SDG1062X 60MHz 150MSa/s.
    • Function generators: Siglent SDG1025 25MHz 125MSa/s.
    • Thermographic camera: MobIR M3.
    • Fluke 884 Digital Multimeter.
    • Logic analysis system: Agilent 16702A.
    • Logic analysis system: Agilent 16902A.
    • Probes: 6 current probes TCP202A Tektronix; 2 current probes 500A TCP404XL Tektronix; 2 amplifiers for current probes Tektronix TCPA400; 1 current probe A6302; 6 differential voltage probes Tektronix TEK P5205; 1 PCB measurement probe Aim-TTi i-prober 520; 1 current probe up to 1000A Chavin Arnoux PAC-22; 3 current probes Yokogawa DC to 50 MHz 30A.


  • Power supplies: 
    • High voltage DC power supply: Technix SR30-P-72000 (30kV) and 72 kW.
    • Programmable DC power supply: AMREL SPS600-10 -K023 up to 6,6kW, 600V and 10A.
    • Programmable three-phase AC power supply: California Instruments 4500Lx400, 4.5 kVA, adjustable voltage 0-300VAC and frequency 45-1000Hz.
    • Power supply: Tektronix PWS2185 de 18V, 5A.


  • Loading equipment: 
    • DC Load: AMREL PLA4K-600-240E up to 600V and 240A.
    • Programmable AC Load three-phase: Instruments California 3091LD.
    • Electric Bicycle: E-motion E410 GRI-PLOMO EDIT.
    • Segway I2.
    • 4 lithium ion batteries: Shaft MOD-VLE24-078-2P7S-S2 24V 78Ah.
    • 2 permanent magnet synchronous machine: Control Tecniques 100U2F up to 10 kW.
    • 2 permanent magnet motor: FKM22 Fagor.


  • Equipment for fast prototyping and real time simulation: 
    • dSPACE DS1104.
    • dSPACE modular with ACE1005 processor.
    • Real time simulator: OPAL-RT quad core 3.2GHz FPGA Kintex 7, 125GB hard disk; IOs 32 digital inputs and 32 digital ouputs; 16 analogic inputs and y 16 analogic outputs.
    • 6 Single Board RIO National Instruments NI 9606.
    • Speed regulator: MCS-10L Fagor.


  • EMC test equipment:
    • Near field E and H probes
    • Capacitive clamp
    • LISN R&S®ENV216 Two-Line V-Network
    • Immunity tester for transient immunity tests, including Surge, EFT, Dips/Interrupts and AC/Surge Magnetic Field (AXOS5).


  • Various:
    • Soldering Station Metcal MX-500P.
    • Soldering Station Weller WD1.
    • Soldering Station JBC.
    • Exposure unit for performing the PCB CIF BC10.
    • Microscope Leica S6E.
    • Drive motor.
    • 2 cooling systems 3kW and 8 l / min.
    • Alpha Objects 3D LulzBot TAZ 5 printer.
    • Electronic auxiliary equipment: Power supplies, function generators, multimeters, etc.

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