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GRIC - Gateway with redundant communication for intelligent networks (Phase II)

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from 2015 to 2016

Although the future of electrical systems is uncertain, there is consensus among different stakeholders in the sector that the Smart Grid concept is generating a paradigm shift. Smart Grids define the improvement of the infrastructure of the segments that make up the power supply system, including power generation, transmission, distribution and consumption.

These networks provide the automation needed to manage energy resources by improving their use, minimizing waste and reporting in real time to both suppliers and consumers. This requires a modern infrastructure, which maximizes the entry and distribution of energy while being economical to operate and maintain.

The main objective of the project is focused on updating communications in electrical installations and more specifically in electrical substations where most of them have basic communications with serial communication and basic protocols such as Modbus. This update is focused on improving performance, security and facilitating the expansion of the installation. The proposed solution is the most economical solution for not having to replace the existing equipment in the installation, but to add elements with much less economic weight than the equipment of protection, control, measurement, etc.