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Dental implant surface treatment device

U. Ugalde, I. Arteagoitia, N. Arroyo-Lamas.

Patent No. ES2790048B2. Publication in the B.O.P.I. on August 11, 2021. Dental implant surface treatment device comprising a central body formed by three side walls that define a triangular prism-shaped treatment chamber. The three side walls are connected to each other by rounded vertical edges. The treatment chamber is configured to accommodate at least one dental implant. The device also comprises a support on which the central body is located, a cover coupled to an upper mouth of the central body, a plurality of LED diodes located on side walls of the treatment chamber that irradiate ultraviolet light on the outer surface of the dental implants and a reflective surface located on internal faces of the treatment chamber to reflect the ultraviolet light towards the dental implants.