What to do if there is any problem

  1. Should the printer have no paper or toner, should it jam, or should the document not come out….  contact Reception at the pertinent building.

  2. Should the computer, the program or the printing job give you problems, call the User Help Center (Centro de Atención a Usuarios, CAU) at tel.: 946014400.

  3. If the print document did not come out and the system collected from you (which is strange, because normally, the machine does not charge money from your account if it finds it cannot print), contact reception to see if they can fix it (the paper may have run out or something like that).

  4. If, after everything above, you find there is a real problem with the SarePrint system, you may ask for a refund from SarePrint under the section, “recent printing documents – request refund”. But please always check the previous steps. If it is an error of yours (for instance, you sent it to another printer, or you did not revise the document in preview and something you did not want emerged….) we cannot refund your money.

  5. For any other incident, doubt, suggestion, etc., we can be contacted via

Request refund