How do I print in color/on A3/one side only?

These options are only available on the equipment of IT classrooms or Library with a SarePrint point nearby.

If you send the document from another terminal, do it over the website or by e-mail, and the format can only be A4, B&W and back and forth. Bear in mind also that this will only admit image files (jpg, tiff, gif…) or pdfs. 

For other sizes, colors, etc., go to a professional copy service (at Leioa, for instance, you have the Editing Service beside the entrance to the library building).

To print in color / A3 / one side only:

1.-Select “SarePrint” as a printer from the document to be printed, configure the options as you would with any printer, and click on “print”.

Configuration options

Do not forget to revise the printing document preview beforehand (particularly if there are many pages) since once the document is sent, it cannot be changed and what you see is what will come out in print. If the format is not what you want: cancel the job, make the changes and resend.

2.- Now you can release the document, either from the SarePrint platform under the “documents pending release” tab or from the panel of the printer itself. Remember that this is when the amount will be charged, and when it will emerge from the printer. So, do it when you are near the printing point, in order not to lose the job.

Screen to send to print the job

3.- Try to release documents one by one. Sometimes, there are problems when we try to release many documents at once.

Note: If you do not release a document in 72 hours, it will be deleted from documents pending printing.