What do I have to do to print?

  1. Enter

  2. Enter your corporate UPV/EHU credentials (LDAP account), or identify yourself with a card if you are at the printer panel (see “How do I identify myself with a card on SarePrint?”).

  3. Load an amount to your balance through the virtual payment gateway. You may load the amount to be used each time or replenish the balance, spending from that amount.

  4. Send the document, but do not forget to revise the printing document preview beforehand (particularly if there are many pages) since once the document is sent, it cannot be changed and what you see is what will come out in print. If the format is not what you want, cancel the job, make the changes and resend. If you have doubts, you can make a proof using the format selected for the first 2 pages and send the rest if everything turns out as expected.

  5. Whenever you want, and if you are near any of the available printing points*, all you have to do is access the program again and release the document. You can do this from the printer panel, from a university computer or even by entering from your mobile or tablet. This is when your balance will be charged.

  6. Try to release documents one by one. Sometimes, there are problems when we try to release many documents at once.

Note: If you do not release a document in 72 hours, it will be deleted from documents pending printing.