How much does SarePrint cost?


Attention: The system does not return unspent money, so calculate the balance to load based on the jobs you want done.

Payments shall be made over the Kutxabank payment gateway, which is fully secured. You may load amounts to be used over each time, or replenish your balance, spending from that amount as from a bank.

How can I load/increase my balance?

Simple. Access and follow instructions.

The bank transaction shall be made over the Kutxabank payment gateway.

How much does using the system cost?

The use of SarePrint is free of charge; you only pay for documents printed/copied:

Printing and photocopies Price
A4  B&W, one side 4 cents/sheet
A4  B&W, two sides 3 cents/side
A3  B&W, one side 8 cents/sheet
A3  B&W, two sides 6 cents/side
A4  COLOR 18 cents/side
A3  COLOR 36 cents/side
Scans Free