SarePrint printing points

Building IT classroom with direct printing Location
Fac. Medicine & Nursing Corridor classroom of the Fac. of Medicine & Nursing 1st floor-corridor
(beside computer & reception area)
Fac. Science & Technology Science students’ IT classroom 1st floor-corridor
(facing free-use IT classroom)
Library Campus Library classroom Ground floor-corridor
(beside campus IT classroom)
Fac. Social Sciences & Com. Ikasketa Gela classroom of the SS & Communications 1st floor-corridor
(Reception Hall)

Bilbao Fac. Education

Students’ IT classroom Ground floor-corridor
(Secretariat, beside IT classroom)
Miguel de Unamuno Residence Hall Residence Hall Computer classroom Ground floor-corridor
(next to the computer room in front of the reception area)

You may only send one-side color printing documents on A3 from IT classrooms or rooms with SarePrint printing points, and if you do not release the job to the printer of that same center or library, check first to see if the other printer has that option.

Inside libraries

  Building Location

Campus of Araba

Koldo Mitxelena Caro Baroja Room

Campus of Biscay

Bilbao School of Engineering - Portugalete Library
Bilbao School of Engineering, Bldg. II Library
Faculty of Fine Arts Library Library
Leioa-Erandio Area Library 5th floor
Research Room

Campus of Gipuzkoa

Carlos Santamaría Research room
Learning room