Can I print anything?

This depends on where you send the document from and if it is different from the formats admitted:

  • If you send it from IT classroom or library equipment with a nearby SarePrint point, you can print any file, choosing from among the sizes and options available (A3 or A4, black and white or color, one side or two).

    Building IT classrooms with direct printing Location
    Fac. Medicine & Nursing Corridor classroom of the Fac. of Medicine & Nursing 1st floor-corridor
    (beside computer & reception area)
    Fac. Science & Technology Science students’ IT classroom 1st floor-corridor
    (facing free-use IT classroom)
    Library Campus Library classroom Ground floor-corridor
    (beside campus IT classroom)
    Fac. Social Sciences & Com. Ikasketa Gela classroom of the SS & Communications 1st floor-corridor
    (Reception Hall)
    Bilbao Fac. Education Students’ IT classroom Ground floor-corridor
    (Secretariat, beside IT classroom)
    Basurto Teaching Unit of the Faculty of Medicine & Nursing Computer classroom 1st floor-corridor
    (Reception Hall)
    Workstations within library rooms: Faculty of Fine Arts, Bilbao School of Engineering, Central Library in Leioa, Koldo Mitxelena and Carlos Santamaría
  • If you send it from other equipment over the website or by e-mail, options are a bit more restricted. In this case, it admits image files (jpg, tiff, gif…) or pdfs, and the format can only be A4, black and white and back and forth. Majority of programs have the option to save as PDF, but if you are at home and you do not find a way of doing so, use PDF creator.

For other sizes, colors, etc. you have the Editing Service beside the entrance to the library building.