Limits to representation expenses by the people responsible for official master’s degrees and doctoral programmes affiliated to the UPV/EHU Doctoral School

Agreement by the Doctoral School’s Permanent Council of 13 December 2021

Section eleven of the decision issued on 5 September 2019 by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor for the UPV/EHU Management and Teaching and Research Personnel, on specifications regarding compensation on the grounds of working at the UPV/EHU and for formal and representation expenses, indicates that representation expenses are those which are spent on people outside of the university, which must be strictly limited to those occasions on which said expense is necessary, and which must respect austerity and good management criteria.

In order to heed the aforementioned criteria, the Doctoral School establishes certain limits to representation expenses by the people responsible for official master’s degree programmes and doctoral programmes that are affiliated to the centre:

  • The limit for representation expenses on meal invitations shall be a maximum of 150% of the lunch/dinner expenses envisaged as an amount for attendance and payments and compensation expenses in the aforementioned decision of 5 September 2019, or in any other regulation that supplements or replaces said decision.

  • The limit to the number of diners to whom the representation expenses may be applied shall be one person from the UPV/EHU for each person from outside of said centre.

The representation expenses shall be reimbursed for their exact amount, after verifying proof of the identity and position or job of the person outside of the UPV/EHU who has been assisted and the same for the people from the UPV/EHU who procure this assistance.