Outgoing stays

Short stays

These stays are governed by the doctoral management regulations (Mobility of doctoral students, Chapter VIII), exclusively applied to mobility involving a pre-doctoral research stay at an institution other than that of the doctoral matriculation, in order to complete any of the thesis development stages. Mobilities carried out in the framework of an ‘international mobility programme’ are excluded, given that these have their own set of rules.

Procedure for outgoing stays

  1. The doctoral student completes and signs Annex III.
  2. The director signs Annex III.
  3. The director submits Annex III to the coordinator of the doctoral programme in order to request that they accept the outgoing visit.
  4. When the Doctoral Programme accepts the stay, its coordinator electronically signs Annex III (previously signed by the doctoral student and the director) and forwards it to the thesis director.
  5. The director informs the doctoral student that their application has been accepted.
  6. The doctoral student sends the administrative secretariat of the Doctoral School (DOKe) the signed Annex III with the following documents:
    • Travel insurance covering the full period of their stay, with the obligation to include medical care for health issues and/or accidents, hospital transfer and repatriation to their country of origin in the event of illness, accident or death (More information).
    • European Health Insurance Card (for destinations within the European Union).
  7. The DOKe approves the stay by means of the signature of Annex III by the person in charge and returns it to the interested parties (the doctoral student, the directors and the doctoral programme coordinator).
  8. The DOKe registers the stay.

Remember that, on completion of the stay, the doctoral student must write up an activity report on their stay at the host institution, which will be included in the Activities Document for the corresponding academic year. They must also request a certificate of stay from the receiving institution for the purposes of future formalities requiring said document.