Procedure for incoming stays

Article 36. Visiting PhD students and PhD students of the VIII chapter of the UPV/EHU's PhD Teaching Management Regulations covers doctoral student exchanges.

Any PhD students already studying at another university and who wish to do an exchange at UPV/EHU may do so within the framework being accepted onto a doctoral programme. This involves the agents involved following the procedure below:

  1. The person supervising the stay at the UPV/EHU (teacher on the host doctoral programme) must fill in the corresponding section in Appendix I and sign it electronically (in pdf format).
  2. The supervisor will then submit Appendix I to the Doctoral programme Coordinator, requesting that they agree to the stay (always on the condition that the doctoral student has taken out the necessary insurance).
  3. Once the Doctoral Programme has agreed to the stay, the coordinator will electronically sign Appendix I (previously signed by the supervisor) and send it on to the supervisor.
  4. The supervisor then notifies the doctoral student that the application has been successful and that they have to take out a travel insurance policy and a civil liability insurance policy, and send the relevant documentation to the supervisor (taking out insurance is an essential requirement to confirm the stay). Students from the European Union are also required to have the European Health Insurance Card.
  5. The doctoral student must take out one travel insurance and one civil liability insurance policy, and send the following documents to the supervisor:
    • Travel insurance policy that covers the entire duration of the stay, and which must include medical care for illness and/or injury, medical transfer and repatriation to the country of origin in the event of illness, injury or death (include information).
    • Civil liability insurance
    • European Health Insurance Card (visitors from the European Union)
    • Passport or other valid identity document (for European doctoral students)
    • Documents accrediting the student’s enrolment in the university of origin
    • Passport size photograph
  6. The supervisor will send all the documentation from point 5 to the doctoral programme’s administrative secretary’s office (Doctoral School/DOKe personnel), along with Appendix I.
  7. Once the DOKe has approved the stay, and the person responsible for international relations electronically signs Appendix I, the DOKe gives Appendix I with the 3 signatures (DOKe, academic commission and supervisor) back to the supervisor, with a copy to the academic commission.
  8. The supervisor signs Appendix II (application for visitor’s badge) and sends it to the centre/campus (validating centre) where the visiting student will be located.
  9. The validating centre signs Appendix II and gives it back to the supervisor.
  10. The supervisor sends the duly completed Appendix II to the DOKe administrative secretary’s office so that they can request the visitor’s badge.
  11. The DOKe registers the stay (details from Appendix I).
  12. The DOKe processes the visitor’s badge at the Security Department.
  13. The DOKe sends the badge to the supervisor so that they can pass it on to the doctoral student in question, along with Appendix I and information regarding occupational risk prevention.
  14.  Once the doctoral student has received the badge, they sign Appendix I and the acknowledgement of receipt of the card and the occupational risk prevention information.
  15.  The supervisor sends the following documents to the DOKe administrative secretary’s office:
    • Appendix I
    • Acknowledgement of receipt of the visitor’s badge and the occupational risk prevention information