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Perfil de ingreso - Sistemas energía eléctrica

Admission criteria

Profile for admission

The recommended entry profile, which does not require the completion of any supplementary training, corresponds to skills and knowledge acquired by those who display one of the following qualifications:

  •  Master Degree in Electrical Energy Systems (taught by the US)
  •  Master's Degree in Integration of Renewable Energies into the Electrical System (taught by the UPV/EHU)
  •  Master's Degree in Industrial Engineering, to be taught from 2015-2016 onwards (UMA)
  •  Master's Degree in Energy Engineering (taught by the UPC)

In the cases of applicants who do not comply with the recommended entry profile, the Academic Committee will study each individual case.

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As for the typology of the supplementary training, it may be:- Subjects regulated by the master's degrees of the institutions participating in this doctoral program.- Scientific-technical seminars- Methodological seminarsThese training activities may be taught by any of the universities participating in this agreement and can be followed in real time from the other universities by using the audiovisual resources currently available on the internet.
The body responsible for the admission of candidates to the doctoral program will be the Academic Committee of the Doctoral Program, with the exception of applications submitted by candidates with foreign qualifications from outside the EHEA, which will be submitted to the above Committee and then forwarded to the respective Doctoral Committee for authorization.The Academic Committee will be responsible for selecting the doctoral candidates from among those who have applied for admission to the program and meet the access requirements. The factors to be assessed when making the selection are the submitted access qualification and the corresponding academic record, the suitability of the CV for the subject matter of the lines of research of the program (professional experience, publications, participation in conferences, etc.), knowledge of languages and other merits.As part of the assessment, the Academic Committee may conduct personal interviews in the cases it deems necessary for properly assessing each applicant. The selection will be performed taking into account the number of places available at each university. The Academic Committee will have the power to justifiably leave places unfilled or establish a list of substitutes at each university.




Botones matrícula - Común

Matricula Procedimiento Asignacion - Común

Procedure for assigning a faculty member as a doctoral thesis tutor and director

Once a student has been accepted onto the doctoral programme, the Academic Commission will assign them a tutor from among the faculty at the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU) participating in the programme, who will then be responsible for ensuring good interaction with the Academic Commission and adapting the training and research activities to the principles established by the programme and the Doctorate School.

Within three months of enrolment, the Academic Commission will assign each student a thesis director from among the faculty participating in the programme. The director may or may or not be the same person as the tutor, and will be responsible for guiding and ensuring the consistency of the training and research tasks, and guaranteeing that the topic of the thesis have an impact and make a novel contribution to the field. They are also responsible for guiding the thesis plan and adapting it, if required, to other projects and activities in which the PhD student is involved.  

If the director is not a member of the faculty at the UPV/EHU, the tutor will act as a liaison.

Doctoral theses may also be co-directed, and the second co-director may or may not be a member of the DP.  New tutors or directors may be assigned at any moment during the thesis.

For more information, see the procedures and rules.