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Perfil Ingreso - Ingeniería Ambiental

Admission criteria

Profile for admission

People who have completed the inter-university Master's degree in Environmental Engineering from the UPV/EHU and the University of Cantabria, and the Master's degree in Engineering and Environmental Management, will be given direct access, and equivalent qualifications or with similar subject matter may also be admitted (Master's degree in Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Renewable Energies, Sustainable Energy Engineering, Industrial Organisation, Energy Efficiency and Sustainability in Industry, Environmental Sciences, etc.), according to the criteria of the Doctoral Programme's Academic Commission.

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There are no specific complementary training modules for the course. It is expected that all students the Academic Committee accept to the programme will be suitably prepared for being trained as researchers on the programme, ensuring they will acquire the right level of competence in a satisfactory manner.
Supporting documents to be provided by candidates in the admissions process:- Full CV, with copies of any merits/certificates mentioned.- Letter of motivation for the programme, which must confirm: A) The lines of research the candidate aims to follow. B) The professional opportunities the candidate hopes to open up by studying the doctoral programme.C) The means of funding in place, or to be obtained (national or local grants, or grants from interested organisations or businesses etc.).The following criteria for admission will be assessed:- I. Suitability of the candidate¿s entry profile (30 points, must achieve a score of at least 20). This will be assessed based on the Master¿s the candidate has previously studied and the line (or lines) of research they would like to follow, as outlined in the letter of motivation. The order of preference in terms of suitability for the course will be:a) Master¿s in the field of Environmental Engineering;b) Master¿s in the field of Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Industrial Engineering;c) Master¿s in other branches of Engineering, Environmental Sciences, or Marine Sciences;d) Other Master¿s programmes in Sciences.- II. Language assessment, above all competence in English, in which we recommend students to have at least level B2 or equivalent (10 points, must achieve a score of at least 5).- III. Assessment of CV (60 points, must achieve a score of at least 30). Particular merit will be given to the following aspects:I) candidate¿s academic transcript(s),II) transcript of the Master¿s course giving access to the programme,III) research experience, if applicable,IV) professional experience, if applicable,V) previous placements,VI) grants, awards, etc. related to research on the programme,VII) other merits of interest. The programme¿s Academic Committee reserves the right to personally interview candidates to clarify any aspects of the CV it deems fit.



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Matricula Procedimiento Asignacion - Común

Procedure for assigning a faculty member as a doctoral thesis tutor and director

Once a student has been accepted onto the doctoral programme, the Academic Commission will assign them a tutor from among the faculty at the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU) participating in the programme, who will then be responsible for ensuring good interaction with the Academic Commission and adapting the training and research activities to the principles established by the programme and the Doctorate School.

Within three months of enrolment, the Academic Commission will assign each student a thesis director from among the faculty participating in the programme. The director may or may or not be the same person as the tutor, and will be responsible for guiding and ensuring the consistency of the training and research tasks, and guaranteeing that the topic of the thesis have an impact and make a novel contribution to the field. They are also responsible for guiding the thesis plan and adapting it, if required, to other projects and activities in which the PhD student is involved.  

If the director is not a member of the faculty at the UPV/EHU, the tutor will act as a liaison.

Doctoral theses may also be co-directed, and the second co-director may or may not be a member of the DP.  New tutors or directors may be assigned at any moment during the thesis.

For more information, see the procedures and rules.