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I am a linguist interested in language typology and evolution. I specialize in the morphology of the Slavic languages and the history of Basque, but I also study general typological topics. The latest research projects I have conducted are centered around the effects of animacy in the grammar of languages and grammatical transversality. I have published two books on Slavic diachronic linguistics, ‘Origen y evolución de la flexión nominal eslava’ (2005) and ‘Gramática histórica de la lengua rusa (2007)’, and very recently anintroduction to linguistic typology ('Fundamentos de tipología lingüística, 2023). Also, I have co-authored "A brief history of the Basque Language" (2012) and 'Euskara - The Basque language' (2021), and co-edited the volumes “Historia de la lengua vasca/Euskararen historia’ (2018) and ‘Perspectives on language structure and language change’ (2019). Some of my articles on linguistic typology and historical linguistics have appeared in such journals as "Language", "Linguistics", "Studies in Language", "Diachronica", "Open Linguistics", "Journal of Indo-European Studies", and "Russian Linguistics", among others. At the end of 2020, I promoted the creation of the Basque Research Group in Linguistic Typology. A dozen researchers participate in it, and we have an excellent relationship with international research groups in typology, such as the Surrey Morphology Group (SMG).