Research Master in Cognitive Science and Humanities: Language, Communication and Organization

(With access to Doctorate)

Teaching Staff


  • Dr. Lorena Gil de Montes (ILCLI; social psychology)
  • Prof. Jose Valencia (University of the Basque Country; social psychology)
  • Dr. Maialen Garmendia (University of the Basque Country; quantitative and qualitative methods in     sociology, sociology of knowledge, beliefs and action)


  • Dr. Javier Aguirre (ILCLI; history of philosophy, classical philosophy, ontology, philosophy of culture)
  • Research Prof. Eros Corazza (ILCLI-IKERBASQUE & Carleton University; philosophy of language, semantics, pragmatics)
  • - Research Prof. Jérôme Dokic (CNRS; philosophy of cognitive science)
  • Prof. Jesús Ezquerro (ILCLI; philosophy of science, philosophy of action, philosophy of psychology)
  • - Dr. Ekain Garmendia (epistemology, philosophy of mind)
  • Dr. Joana Garmendia (ILCLI; pragmatics)
  • Dr. Kepa Korta (ILCLI; philosophy of language, semantics, pragmatics)
  • Dr. Jonathan Lavilla (ILCLI; Ancient philosophy, knowledge theory, aesthetics)
  • Prof. Manuel Liz (University of La Laguna; philosophy of cognitive science)
  • Dr. Luis Angel Pérez-Miranda (ILCLI; philosophy of social sciences, rationality studies, decision theory)
  • Dr. María de Ponte (University of Sevilla; philosophy of language, philosophy of logic)


  • Dr. Enetz Ezenarro (ILCLI; symbolic systems, history and foundations of mathematics, mathematics teaching)
  • Prof. Jesus M. Larrazabal (ILCLI; formal semantics, formal theories of information, knowledge and action, foundations of computation and mathematics, history and philosophy of logic)
  • Dr. Francisco Salto (University of León; relevant logic, formal theories of information, philosophy of logic)
  • Dr. Margarita Vázquez (University of La Laguna; modal logic, temporal and epistemic logic, philosophy of logic)


  • Dr. Salvador Pons (University of Valencia; pragmatics, discourse markers, colloquial Spanish, grammaticalization, discourse analysis)
  • Dr. Larraitz Zubeldia (ILCLI & University College London; pragmatics, Basque philology)