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Final Project

Final Project - Preregistration Form

The Final Project (FP) is compulsory for students and is worth 18 credits. The FP is completed individually by each student under the supervision of one or more directors. It includes and develops the training received and the capacities, competencies and skills acquired during the Degree.
The Regulations on the preparation and defence of the FP at the Faculty of Chemistry (UPV/EHU) contain the different aspects, requirements and processes related to the preparation, defence and evaluation of the FP.


  • Dates for Registration and Defence of FPs. ACADEMIC YEAR 2023/2024 (Approved by the Faculty Board on 10 November 2023)



Registration period, defence request in GAUR and upload memory to ADDI

(Note 1)

Upload director reports to GAUR and validate reports in ADDI

Defence period
October, Assessment by compensation (Note 3) Consult at the secretariat   1 to 16 october, 2023
March 12 to 16 february Until february 20 4 to 8 march, 2024
April, Assessment by compensation (Nota 3) 18 to 22 march Until march 26 8 to 12 april, 2024
July 17 to 21 june Until june 25 8 to 12 july, 2024
August (defences in september) 2 to 6 september Until september 10 16 to 20 september, 2024
September (defences in october) Defence application until October 3, 2024 Until october 4 7 to 14 october, 2024 (Note 2)


NOTE 1: The registration of the TFG will take place once all the credits leading to the Bachelor's Degree have been passed. Next, the student must request defence at GAUR, as explained in the "GAUR Manual for Students", available on the Faculty's website. Before the defense application deadline, a copy of the Report in .pdf format must be uploaded to ADDI.

NOTE 2: This defence period is only valid for those who, having passed their last subject in July, have failed the TFG in August, or, if necessary, for students in mobility programs.

NOTE 3: Valid only for those who have passed their last subject in September or March through Compensation Assessment.



REGULATIONS Final Projects for Degrees: