Voluntary External Practicums

Extracurricular or voluntary practicums are short periods worked at companies, research centres or other institutions in which students have their first experience with a wide variety of professions in the chemical sector. The practicums are voluntary, i.e. they are not part of the curriculum, and take place during the academic year or in summer. They may be paid or not and they are governed by the legislation approved in the Cabinet Meeting of the Regional Government of 12 July 2019 and published in the BOPV of 6 August 2019.


For extracurricular external practicums: students must have obtained half the credits needed for their title:

  • In the degree the student must have passed half of the credits necessary to obtain their degree, that is, 120 credits.
  • In the Masters it is not necessary to have half of the credits of the degree passed.


According to university regulations, external extracurricular practicums will preferably not exceed 50% of the academic year.
The completion of the studies will determine that of the practicums. Once the studies have been completed, only previously authorised practicums can be completed and they must not continue beyond the term of the corresponding agreement. During the practicum period, students will be covered by academic insurance and the Cum Laude special policy.

Application procedure for voluntary practicums

The procedure is managed entirely via the web through GAUR and there are two ways in which students can apply for voluntary practicums:
1. By logging on to GAUR-Voluntary Practicums (PRAKTIGES) and selecting the ones they are interested in from the list of practicums on offer. The list is updated with the requests received from collaborator companies and entities. Students must have previously been approved in the GAUR-PRAKTIGES application.
2. On the students' initiative by contacting a company or entity, showing their interest in completing an extracurricular practicum and reaching a preliminary agreement.

Signature of agreement

Before the practicums begin, the corresponding Educational Cooperation Agreement must be signed by and between the Faculty of Chemical Sciences and the centre where the practicum is to take place; said agreement will contain the particular terms and conditions of the practicum. The agreement will also be signed by the student.

Supervision of the student

Students on voluntary practicums will have an instructor at the entity or practicum centre and a tutor at the University responsible for their monitoring and supervision.

Final assessment and qualification of the practicums

At the end of the practicum period,
1. The instructor at the practicum centre will log on to GAUR and complete the student's assessment report.
2. Also on GAUR, the student will complete a brief final report on the practicum.
Once the assessment and report have been received from the practicum centre and the student, the tutor will complete the student's assessment report, which will qualify the student as "apt/not apt". On completion of the practicum and as long as the tutor's report is favourable, students may request the corresponding practicum certificate, which may be used to obtain optional credits, among other things.

Recognition of elective credits

Students may request the recognition of a maximum of 12 elective credits for extracurricular internships (each 25 hours of internship will be equivalent to 1 ECTS credit.)

Students must request a certificate of satisfactory completion of the internship through GAUR - Voluntary Internships. With this certificate and the application form duly completed, the student must go to the Student Secretary's Office and apply for the recognition of elective credits within the established deadlines.

For questions and queries

For more information, please contact the managers of the Practicum Programme:

Merce Notario: / 943018165

Miren Ostra: / 943015418