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School calendar

ACADEMIC YEAR 2021/2022:

Start: 13 September 2021.

First four-month period: from 13 September to 22 December 2021 (both inclusive).

Winter holidays: from 23 December 2021 to 6 January 2022 (both inclusive).

Ordinary term for registration for the first four-month period: From 7 to 22 January 2022.

Second four-month period: from 24 January to 13 May 2022 (both inclusive).

Spring holidays: from 14 April to 24 April 2022 (both inclusive).

Ordinary term for registration 2nd four-month period: from 16 May to 3 June 2022 (both inclusive).

Extraordinary term for registration: from 13 June to 8 July 2022 (both inclusive).


15 November 2021. Festival of the centre for the feast day of Albertus Magnus, patron saint of the centre.

The local and regional holidays set by the Basque Government and those approved in the labour calendar of the UPV/EHU are also considered holidays.