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inf_grado en química

Chemistry Degree

According to the verification report, 88 places are offered on the DEGREE IN CHEMISTRY each academic year and approved by the Governing Council.
The degree can be studied part-time. Despite this possibility, it is not recommended due to the fact that lectures and seminars are given in the mornings, and complemented with laboratory practicals in the afternoons.
In the degree in chemical sciences there is no compulsory external training at companies or institutions, but the option is given to students who are interested through the PRAKTIGES programme.






TIMETABLES 2021/2022:

The following times will take effect from October 13. The schedules of the fourth course do not undergo modifications, they remain as before.

These schedules are foreseen given the current health situation. If this is not the case, they may be modified to suit the circumstances.

2021/22 EXAMS