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Congratulations again Jon! New article published in Journal of Clinical Medicine

First publication date: 13/09/2023

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Congratulations Jon! New article published in Journal of Clinical Medicine.

The manuscript entitled Method Based on Ultrafiltration to Obtain a Plasma Rich in Platelet and Plasma Growth Factors by J. Mercader Ruiz, M. Beitia, D. Delgado, P. Sánchez, J. Guadilla, C. Perez de Arrilucea, F. Benito-Lopez, L. Basabe-Desmonts, M. Sánchez presents a new method based on ultrafiltration to obtain a novel PRP. By this method, ultrafiltration of the plasma water is carried out using a 3KDa filtering unit. The results showed that the technique was able to concentrate extraplatelet factors, such as IGF-1 and HGF, in contrast with conventional plasmas. Thus, the cultured cells responded with increased viability to this new PRP. These results could provide a new approach to the treatment of injuries requiring regenerative medicine, potentially improving the outcomes of the conventional PRPs.