Zientzia Astea/Semana de la Ciencia/Science Week 2023

First publication date: 17/11/2023

(Top) the microfluidics Cluster UPV/EHU team during preparations. (Bottom) Just before starting the scape room. (Right) Entrance to the scape room.

From the 8th to the 12th November we all enjoyed Zientzia Astea 2023!!

This year's theme was planetary health, so we decided to talk about the different types of pollutants affecting our planet and health, but in a more interactive way. Therefore, during the month of October we met to create an escape room that included the main axis of the Zientzia Astea and, of course, microfluidics!!

This workshop called "Escape lab: en busca del antídoto perdido" was held on Friday 10th November in Bilbao and Saturday 11th November in Gasteiz being a great success.

All the teenagers participants managed to get out!


First publication date: 24/10/2023

Sunday morning, Janire, Lourdes and Fernando offered a WORKSHOP at MicroTAS 2023.

Workshop 4: Smart Materials within Microfluidic Devices for Sensing and Actuation, was a great success with 24 participants

Abstract: Smart materials that can change their properties upon an external stimulus are on the rise in the sensor and actuator development. In this workshop, we will cover various smart materials and their integration into microfluidic devices as sensors and actuators for a wide range of applications: from environmental science to molecular biology and cancer biology. The tutorial will cover smart materials for the fabrication of chemoand biosensors and electrochemical sensors, actuators (valves), pumps, surface functionalization, 2D patterns and 3D scaffolds.


Fernando entrevistado en "Diálogos" de Radio Vitoria

First publication date: 29/08/2023

El 28 de Junio Fernando fue entrevistado para Radio Vitoria por Maritxu Díez para "Diálogos".

La entrevista comienza en el minuto 19.

Ha sido un placer el colaborar con Radio Vitoria para difundir la ciencia que se hace en nuestra Universidad.

Fernando en la cadena SER

First publication date: 15/09/2023

Fernando presentó en la Cadena SER Bilbao el proyecto PREDESTOM el día 8 de septiembre del 2023 a las 14:20.

Fernando fue entrevistado por Jon Rojas en "Hora 14 Bizkaia".

Gracias Beñat por darnos la oportunidad de presentar al público en general lo que hacemos en el Microfluidics Cluster UPV/EHU.


First publication date: 03/09/2023

The PREDESTOM project has been highlighted in CAMPUSA, the News portal of the University of the Basque Country.


Janire Presents at ACLIMA

First publication date: 20/09/2023

On the 7th of July, Janire Saez gave an invited talk to the Aclima, Basque Environment Cluster. Janire presented her work on microfluidic technology as novel tools for environmental analysis with title “Tecnología Microfluídica: Nuevas Herramientas para el Análisis Medioambiental”. This presentation was part of the seminar series Píldoras Tecnológicas 2023. You can follow the presentation in this VIDEO!

Thank you Aclima for the invitation!

Gema outreach activity: "Descifrando el genoma del cáncer" at the IES San Sebastián (Huelva)

First publication date: 17/04/2023

Gema during presentation

Last Friday 14th of April, Gema López gave a talk about cancer and her current research in this area at her hometown high school, the IES San Sebastián (Huelva), with the aim of bringing the world of research closer to students in the 2nd year of Secondary School and to motivate them to pursue this career in the future.


Science is Wonderful!! ... ask Daniel

First publication date: 13/03/2023

Daniel will participate in the next scientific event organised by the European Commission's Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions.


SCIENCE IS WONDERFUL!! event bridges research funded by the European Commission's Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions with schools across the European Union. It celebrates the value and impact of EU-funded research by giving school students the chance to interact with leading researchers and innovators. The 2023 edition will take place on 16-17 March in Brussels. Watch the video and meet some of these excellent EU-funded researchers who will take part in the event!



First publication date: 23/02/2023

Janire Saez has participated in this year´s CONOCELAS blue wave organised by ASEICA to celebrate the International Day of Women and Girls in Science. Janire presented her career path and latest research in cancer to 4th grade students from the Instituto Josep Vallverdú.

Gora emakume zientzialariak!

First publication date: 13/02/2023


Con motivo de la celebración mañana, 11 de febrero, del Día Internacional de la Mujer y la Niña en la Ciencia, la Comisión de Ciencia del IES Zabalgana ha invitado a dos de nuestras científicas para mantener un coloquio con alumnado de 3º y 4º de la ESO.

Gracias NAIARA  y JUNCAL por vuestra contribución, mila esker zuen ekarpenengatik!


Jornada Científica Plaiaundi-Microfluidics Cluster UPV/EHU

First publication date: 08/02/2023

What a great day!

The 27th of January we had a full day event with students from the Plaiaundi Institutua in Irún.

They visited our laboratories and learnt about microtechnology!

Thanks Gaizka and Leire for helping organising the event.

A real outreach activity, they will be the future users of our microfluidics devices. :)

This is part of the research/education project: BioinYou.

Outreach activity of Gema and Janire at Carmelitas School (Vitoria-Gasteiz)

First publication date: 24/03/2023

Last Wednesday, Gema López and Janire Sáez gave a presentation at the Carmelitas Sagrado Corazón School in Vitoria-Gasteiz. The talk entitled "Decoding the genome of cancer" consisted of an explanation of the role of mutations in the formation of cancer. Later,  students had fun while learning and playing with science.

Science is wonderful!

First publication date: 23/03/2023

Sepideh Izaddoust and Daniel Patko were the sole representatives of the University of the Basque Country at the Science is Wonderful! science fair in Brussels. On 16th & 17th of March, more than four thousand young pupils could get real scientific experience. This outreach activity was organised by the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA), to bring EU funded science projects closer to the wider public. Sepideh and Daniel presented the RhizoSheet project with interactive experiments to give a better understanding about the secret language of plants for the visitors. Performing experiments on their own, the kids could also learn how to encapsulate sensors in hydrogels and how to use filter papers to deliver samples to a desired location.

#ScienceIsWonderful! Twitter: @PatkoDaniel, @uFluidicsEhu, @MSCActions, Instagram: @european_youth_eu



Naiara and Juncal presented at the Faculty of Pharmacy UPV/EHU

First publication date: 30/11/2022

Left: Naiara and Juncal before the presentation. Right: Edurne and Olatz, together with Naiara and Juncal, the organisers of the event

What a great talk! Congratulations Naiara and Juncal. It was a great show!

Science Week/Semana de la Ciencia/Zientzia Astea 2022

First publication date: 18/11/2022

Janire, Enrique, Juncal, Gema, Naira, Isabel, Mikel and Raquel... what a team!

The microfluidics Cluster UPV/EHU has inspired future scientists during the Zientzia Astea 2022 by organising two workshops for little kids aiming to submerge them into marine remediation and sustanalibility. The workshops "Let it flow" and "Be water my friend" were presented in Basque and Spanish by our scientists.


MAMI outreach activity in Laguardia

First publication date: 03/02/2020

Different images of the outreach activity in Álava, Spain

All MAMI members enjoyed an outreach activity organised by the Microfluidic Cluster UPV/EHU after the Progress meeting of the project that took place in Vitoria-Gasteiz the 31st of January 2020.

MAMI members visited the winary, Marques de Riscal, and a visit to the incredible medieval city of Laguardia in Alava.Then, the Early Career Researchers of the European Project participated in a outreach activity where they needed to explain to the general public and in a colloquial way: why tax payers should fund their respective projects.

It was a great opportunity for the students to improve their communication skills and to show their research activities to the general public.



Science Week 2019 in Vitoria-Gasteiz

First publication date: 07/11/2019

Vahid, Enrique and Raquel at the stand

One year more, the Microfluidics Cluster UPV/EHU collaborates in the "Zientzia Astea" event at the Bibat museum in Vitoria-Gasteiz.

Our stand " Laboratorio en un Chip" shows, to schools and the general public, what our group is developing in the microfluidics area.

This year we focus on microfluidics devices and magnetism, in order to show what we are developing for the European projects MAMI (https://mami.u-strasbg.fr/) and DNASurf (https://research.ncl.ac.uk/dnasurf/).





Science Week 2018 in Vitoria-Gasteiz

First publication date: 21/12/2018

Lab on a Chip stand at BIBAT museum in Vitoria-Gasteiz

As in previous years, the Microfluidics Cluster UPV/EHU collaborates in the "Zientzia Astea" event at the Bibat museum in Vitoria-Gasteiz.


Our stand " Laboratorio en un Chip" shows to the general public what our group is developing in the microfluidics area.



Two presentations at the Pint of Science 2018 in Vitoria-Gasteiz

First publication date: 28/05/2018

The Microfluidic Cluster UPV/EHU presented two times this year at Pint of Science 2018 in Vitoria-Gasteiz.

On May 15th, Fernando Benito presented: "Cómo tener todo un laboratorio en la palma de la mano" and on the 16th Edilberto Ojeda presented "Maratón para Dummies". Both talked about their researh at the Microfluidics Cluster UPV/EHU and at BioDTek, respectivelly.

The event took place at the Bar Ordi in Vitoria-Gasteiz and it was a great suceess!

 Cheers to Science!

Hands on Chips 2018!

First publication date: 28/05/2018

Students at the Microfluidic Cluster UPV/EHU lab

The students from the "Título propio en Química y Nutrición en el Deporte"  had the opportunity to learn about microfluidic technology and even work with microfluidics devices.

This is a very important outreach activity for the Microfluidic Cluster UPV/EHU, that every year brings the "título propio" students to our laboratories at Vitoria-Gasteiz.


Zientzia Astea/ Semana de la Ciencia/ Science Week 2017

First publication date: 01/12/2017

Stand at the event and some of the demos

The Microfluidics Cluster UPV/EHU has a stand at the Zientzia Astea/ Semana de la Ciencia/ Science Week 2017.

It was a great experience and a major sucess for the group, with hundreds of visitors interested in our work.

Lourdes presented "Un laboratorio en Miniatura" at NaukasPRO 2017

First publication date: 13/10/2017

Lourdes presenting at NaukasPRO

Lourdes Basabe presented at NaukasPRO 2017. The title of her presentation was: "Un Laboratorio en Miniatura".

NaukasPRO took place the 14th of September 2017.

RESEARCHER FOR ONE DAY: Microfluidics Cluster UPV/EHU Visits NClic-School

NClic students

Lourdes Basabe-Desmonts and Fernando Benito-Lopez from the Microfluidic Cluster UPV/EHU visited, for two days,  primary school students at NClic-School in Vitoria-Gasteiz.

During those two days students learnt how to be RESEARCHER as well as the concepts of microtechnology and microfluidics, with interactive games and real experiments adapted to their ages.

This idea was suported by the NAPES project from the European Union‘s Seventh Framework Programme (FP7): 604241.



Science Week 2016

The Microfluidics Cluster UPV/EHU participated at the "Science Week 2016 edition" from the 3rd to the 6th of November in Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain. Researchers explained to school kids and the curious the fundamentals of microfluidics with educational demos, such as a Lateral Flow Assay and a microfluidic device to explain the laminar flow regime, where kids could understand the concept of microfluidics

Additional information

Fernando Benito-Lopez presents at INCyTA

First publication date: 27/10/2016

Fernando Benito-Lopez presents "From lab to field: environmental analysis with microfluidics"  at the "INVESTIGACIÓN EN CONTAMINACIÓN Y TOXICOLOGÍA AMBIENTALES (INCyTA) RESEARCH IN ENVIRONMENTAL CONTAMINATION AND TOXICOLOGY"  which is part of the Máster Universitario en Contaminación y Toxicología Ambientales/Master in Environmental Contamination and Toxicology from the University of the Basque Country UPV/EHU

Jornadas de Investigación Álava

First publication date: 27/10/2016

Lourdes Basabe-Desmonts y Fernando Benito-Lopez participan en las primeras jornadas de investigación de la OSI Araba y el Campus Universitario de Álava de la UPV/EHU.



Science Week 2015

Science Week 2015

The Microfluidics UPV/EHU Cluster participated at the "Science Week 2015 edition" from the 5th to the 7th of November in Vitoria, Spain. Researchers explained to school kids and the curious the fundamentals of microfluidics with educational examples such as "gummy chip" where kids could understand the concept of microfluidics in a delicious gummy with microfluidic channels.