Seminar from Dr. Tadej Kokalj

First publication date: 01/06/2023


Thanks you Tadej for such a great talk!

The semiar took place at Seminario 1, Lascaray, Thursday 04/05/2022 at 12:00

TITLE: SIMPLE platform and beyond

SPEAKER: Tadej KOKALJ, Senior Researcher at the Institute of Metals and Technology – IMT, slovenia


Reliable, autonomous, internally self-powered microfluidic pumps are in critical demand for rapid point-of-care (POC) devices, integrated molecular-diagnostic platforms, and drug delivery systems.  Self-powered Imbibing Microfluidic Pump by Liquid Encapsulation (SIMPLE), will be presented, which is disposable, autonomous, easy to use and fabricate, robust, and cost efficient, as a solution for self-powered microfluidic POC devices. With addition of iSIMPLE (infusion SIMPLE) which allows for creation of overpressure, we have a combination of two pumps which can be applied to perform complex protocols on a disposable, autonomous, cost-effective SIMPLE platform. Different properties and applications of the platform will be discussed. In addition to SIMPLE, some other concepts will be shortly  presented within the field of interes of the presenter such as bioinspired systems for cooling applications and challenges in DNA-data storage and others.