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Udara Bimendra Kekulupologe

(Ph.D. student at AMMa-LOAC and BIOMICs microfluidics Teams)


Udara Bimendra obtained B.Sc. Special Degree in Chemistry from the Science Faculty of University of Peradeniya in Sri Lanka and his research areas were conducting polymers & antistatic textiles at final year research project. Afterwards he did his M.Phil research degree in Chemical Sciences at National Institute of Fundamental Studies in Sri Lanaka under the NSF research grant and graduated from Postgraduate Institute of Science at University of Peradeniya. He has done his master’s studies in the research fields of membrane technology, material chemistry and wastewater purification. In addition to that he has an industrial experience on smart textiles.


Udara Bimendra work investigates on smart novel materials which can be utilized to mimic and fabricate magnetically actuated artificial cilia. He is carrying his research on synthesis and investigating on magnetic nano scale inorganic materials and polymer based nanocomposites to fabricate the artificial cilia, which can be actuate by a magnetic field. On the other hand he is interested on synthesis of magnetic ionic liquids and photo-polymerizing gels to address the applications based on microfluidics.