Rented and shared flats

Rented and shared flats

  • This is the option most of our international visitors choose for their accommodation while at the university.
  • Before travelling, you can access our accommodation database to discover our rooms and flats to let. In the Información section, click on Registrarse. The system will ask you to attach your LEARNING AGREEMENT or a document certifying your acceptance at our university. You will be granted access for  a 2-month period.


Our OSTATU database is available to local and international students; hence, we recommend to browse it as early as possible, otherwise the offer might be limited to what is left by other members of the university-community
Owners who advertize their available rooms or flats on OSTATU might not be fluent in foreign languages. Please try to get your basics in Spanish/Basque to avoid communication difficulties
The Basque Country is an increasingly popular tourist destination: accommodation options for students are thus becoming more scarce and expensive

Student groups on social media




These groups are particularly interesting for Spring semester visitors, since Fall semester students will leave their accommodation upon return and they will probably try to find a replacement for their room or flat

To avoid misunderstandings and fraud online

  • Mistrust webs or profiles where you need to deal with several different people
  • Always check that the address and information provided is complete and accurate
  • Never advance an important sum of money as a reservation for your accommodation
  • Never pay your first month in advance
  • Always try to visit the place before signing contracts or paying deposits


Also, remember

  • It takes a certain sum of money to make a fresh start anywhere: opening a bank account, getting transport cards, paying for the room or flat deposit... You will have to face exceptional costs at the beginning but expenses quickly stabilize
  • The average monthly expenditure in the Basque Country ranges from 700 to 750 Euros 

Gizarte Etxebizitzen Programa graduondoko ikasle solidarioentzat (Bilbon)


The Municipality of Bilbao gives master and PhD students the possibility of applying for a subsidized shared appartment. Selected students will be expected to work for the community during a few hours every week. The appartments are located at Otxarkoaga district in Bilbao and the monthly rent is less than 100 euros (water and electricity expenses aside).

Applications accepted in September; More information about the Bilbao Municipality Public Housing programme (information in Spanish)

Phone nos: +34 946012041, +34 946012199

Social media groups to contact other visitors and local students looking for flatmates

Accommodation websites

PLEASE READ THIS THROUGH! Important recommendations before renting rooms and flats