The express allusion to the use of SGIker in all manifestations of scientific production constitutes a basic indicator of the degree of support we provide to the research community.

Increasingly, user staff appreciates the support of the different SGIker Services and Units in their articles, theses, papers, communications and other forms of dissemination of scientific research. As a result, the SGIker chapter on intangible results shows relevant indicators of scientific production that go beyond its volume and impact, to also reflect the degree of international and national collaboration, as well as at the local level, specifically , with the entities of the Basque Science and Technology Network; thus, it is also worth highlighting the repercussion of such scientific production in the technological development and innovation processes through an increasing number of patents citing such publications. This undoubtedly contributes to increasing the visibility of the research staff as well as SGIker, while at the same time creating a highly relevant documentary archive.

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