WiFi EHU-wGuest

Object of and access to the service

  • Definition: Connection to the Universidad del País Vasco / Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea (UPV/EHU) data network and to the Internet via mobile devices.
  • Target audience: Non-members of the UPV/EHU attending any official event of the University, such as grades, congresses, conferences or any other one-time event.
  • Application:Request guest credentials (given by a PDI-academic staff or PAS-administrative staff member)
  • Access to the service: In WiFi zones in the University non-members of the UPV/EHU can connect to EHU-wGuest network with access which is personalised (requiring guest or group authentication) but not secure as data are sent in clear form.
  • Brief description: The UPV/EHU WiFi service offers wireless connectivity in public and private areas of the University, allowing visitors access to both the corporative data network and the Internet via compatible mobile devices.
  • Languages in which the service is provided: Basque, Spanish and English.
  • Party responsible for the service: Vice-rectorate for ICT.
  • Accessible via Internet: n/a
  • Authentication: Radius.
  • Authorised by: n/a

Instructions for use

Brief guide to use:

  1. Connect to Wi-Fi network (EHU-wGuest)
  2. Open browser and insert any URL. Login screen will appear.
  3. Insert user and password.
  4. Create VPN tunnel in case of data confidentiality needed.
  5. Open the desired page or net program.

Catalogue of Manuals and User Guides:

Conditions of service


Conditions and limitations of the service

The service is offered through access points (AP) deployed in the areas in which the service is available. APs have one or more aerials through which they communicate with mobile devices.

The APs have a limited range and capacity. This means that depending on the number of users connected and the use they make of the network the service may be temporarily impaired.

Moreover, the electromagnetic spectrum is subject to many factors which can affect the signal, and therefore the service, directly. These factors range from surrounding fixtures (doors, walls, furniture, etc.) which weaken the signal, or other elements transmitting on the same channels (pirate APs, printers or devices with WiFi capability) and cause interference, to other devices which impair the source signal and prevent communications (microwave ovens, research equipment, etc.). The WiFi service is not therefore intended for critical environments or those in which a minimum availability is required.

Security recommendations

The same precautions must be taken as with any other devices which transmit and receive signals in the electromagnetic spectrum.

Policies on use

WiFi coverage maps

The maps show the WiFi Access Points (AP) on every floor of each building of the UPV/EHU and their theoretical coverage:

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