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15th International Conference of the European Academy of Design



The European Academy of Design (EAD) is one of the most prestigious institutions in the field of design in all its fields (architecture, industrial design, urban design, graphic design, interior design...) and research in methodologies and conceptualisation related to design research. Based in the UK, they are also editors of the influential Design Journal and the biannual EAD conference, which has become a reference in the world of design on an international scale.

After 25 years of EAD conferences, for the first time in history, EAD takes a big step towards sustainability, inclusion and diversity, creating a conference spread over 5 cities in four continents (Brazil, Finland, India, Spain and UK) and over five consecutive days, minimising the negative effect of intercontinental travel and maximising the value of local values.

The city of Bilbao, through the University of the Basque Country and in partnership with the University of Deusto, will be one of the five local Hubs hosting the conference. Specifically, this international conference will begin in the city of Bilbao, in the Bizkaia Aretoa, on 16 October 2023, to continue in cities and universities as prestigious as the University of Sao Paolo in Brazil, the World University of Design in Sonipat (India), a consortium between TU-Delft, Aalto University, the Politecnico di Milano and Carnegie-Melon in Espoo, Finland and finally the universities of Edinburgh and Glasgow in Glasgow, Scotland.

The overarching theme of the EAD 2023 conference will be doctoral education and research, under the common motto: 'What Got Us Here Won't Get Us There'. Specifically, the Bilbao call has the title of the local Hub: ‘The Discipline of Design – transdisciplinary practices’.

Organised jointly by the Department of Architecture of the University of the Basque Country and the Industrial Design Area of the University of Deusto, we understand that collaboration between disciplines and the breaking down of traditional design barriers are positive and inevitable aspects towards a broader and more hopeful future. The call we are launching from the Bilbao Hub seeks to receive innovative and interesting contributions on design research and to try to map the nodal points from which new activities in design and design research are being produced.

Participation in the conference will take the form of a one-day in-person conference and exclusive online access to the four Hub events. In addition to the conference itself, the selected scientific articles may be included in a Special Issue of the Design Journal.

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