Ongoing projects

Windows to the world languages

After the collaboration agreement signed with the AZKUE Foundation (, different Internet tools will be used to give precise and accessible information about some minorised languages. Based on the data-base created by UNESCO Etxea and the Chair, we will create a map of the minorised languages of the world that can be found in the Basque Country as a consequence of immigration.

Learning of Basque by immigrant children

In the schools of the Basque Country, immigrant children learn the local languages. Learning Basque can be difficult in some environments but, in others, they learn Basque just the same way the speakers of Spanish do. From UPV/EHU's ELEBILAB(, together with the language learning and teaching group HIJE, we are analising the learning of Basque by immigrant children that live and are schooled in a Basque-speaking environment, as a subsection in a project of the MICINN.

Cultural and linguistic diversity of the immigrants if the Basque Country: new challenges

We are carrying out a research on the presence of the cultural and linguistic diversity that immigration has brought to the Basque Country, together with UNESCO Etxea and IKUSPEGI, and with the collaboration of the Culture Department of the Government of the Basque Country.

The Embera language of Colombia and the efforts to create a writing system that enables schooling in that language

The Embera is a minorised language spoken in Colombia and its surroundings. Through the FUCLA University of the Colombian Chocó region, an association of speakers of Embera has made a call for help to unify the writting processes and to create resources to promote schooling in this language. We have designed a program and, with the help of certain organisations, research will start in 2010.