Goals and Background

The UNESCO Chair of World Language Heritage of the UPV/EHU has the following main goals: research, education, information and documentation tasks on the issue of World Language Heritage.

Goals of the Chair

  • To promote and offer formation on Language Heritage (courses, seminars, conferences).
  • To promote and carry out research on language and cultural heritage.
  • To spread information in the Basque Country on World Language Heritage and to raise awareness in the society about the need to preserve it.
  • To get to know the language and cultural heritage of the Basque Country, and to promote researches and formation programs that will make a better management of this heritage possible.
  • To promote and reinforce the collaboration between the international organizations that work in the area of Language Heritage and to develop initiatives together with these networks.
  • To run awareness campaigns targeting the citizens, to create resources and to promote collaboration with other organizations that deal with these tasks.