Elkarte kolaboratzaileak

Collaborating Institutions

The relationship and collaboration with other institutions is also essential to carry out the different projects. It is worth mentioning the following:




UNESCO Etxea, founded in 1991, institutionally supports our Chair since its creation (2007). UNESCO Etxea aims to disseminate the principles, programs and lines of action of UNESCO in the Basque area. It currently has 132 members who constitute the social base of the entity.


The UNESCO Network of the Basque Country (EHUS)


As its name suggests, it brings together the various institutions (educational centers, foundations, cathedrals, etc.) that bear the UNESCO name existing in the Basque Country.


Garabide Association


We have been collaborating with Garabide in language cooperation projects since 2013. Currently we continue to collaborate with the language cooperation project in Cauca, Colombia.


Soziolinguistika Klusterra


The objective of Soziolinguistika Klusterra is to create and manage sociolinguistic knowledge to respond to the needs of the Basque language revitalization process.


Euskal Gorrak


Euskal Gorrak (Basque Federation of Associations of Deaf People), acts as coordinator and representative of all the associations of deaf adults in the BAC. It also works to guarantee basic services for deaf people throughout the Basque territory. The collaboration agreement was signed in 2020.


Ayuda en Acción


Ayuda en Acción, non-governmental organization: relations with this organization began in 2018 when the Tseltal community in Mexico contacted them to revitalize the Tseltal language.


Manuel Iradier Africanist Association


Manuel Iradier Africanist Association is a non-governmental organization. The collaboration agreement was signed in 2014.


Oihaneder Euskararen Etxea


Oihaneder Euskararen Etxea –  located in Gasteiz and dedicated to the dissemination of linguistic diversity and the Basque language.




  • UNESCO Chair in Communication and Educational Values.
  • UNESCO Chair on Sustainable Development and Environmental Education
  • UNESCO Chair on Cultural Landscapes and Heritage
  • UNESCO Chair on Human Rights and Public Powers


Cooperación Bierzo Sur

Cooperation Bierzo Sur is a non-governmental organization: the collaboration agreement has started in 2022, with the objective of coordinating cooperation for the revitalization of the Forro language in Sao Tome and Principe.


In addition, the Chair maintains a close relationship with experts in language teaching at the University of Geneva and with experts from Wales, Ireland and France working on multilingual education and minority languages.