The Chair in International Studies is part of the organizational structure of the University of the Basque Country (UPV-EHU). It was created on the 1st of April 2004 with the signing of an agreement between the University of the Basque Country and the Provincial Government of Biscay.

This way, both institutions confirmed their interest in an essential area of human activity. In the world of today, the international reality is undergoing fundamental change. As a consequence of a profound process of globalisation, national societies are ever more affected by events occurring and decisions made far away. In addition, compared to other historical eras, the current changes are happening very rapidly. This means that basic aspects of everyday life change in a matter of just a few decades.

The world is becoming a great scenario where societies and individuals must manage to coexist. Arguably, the future of many human communities depends on their capacity to adapt to this new state of affairs.