Visiting Researchers

Research Opportunities at the University of the Basque Country

Research is one of the main pillars of our activity. Up to 65% of all research projects carried out in our region are participated by the University of the Basque Country. We furthermore seek to extend our international influence working on a 'brain-gain' basis and establishing cross-border campuses.

The development of excellence in research and its contribution to the generation and knowledge transfer to businesses and institutions stand out among the strategic objectives of the Vice-Rector for Research at the University of the Basque Country. Read more about our Research activities…

We look forward to enriching our research activities by hosting foreign experts to work in partnership with our teams and are ready to assist you with arrangements before you arrive and once you are here.

More about our research activities and strategies

Our research teams carry out front-line investigation, participating in different public and private projects. We equally manage several advanced-groundwork centres: The Lucio Lascaray CIEA (Centre for Research and Advanced Studies in Vitoria-Gasteiz) is an innovative, energy efficient building hosting experimental and health sciences research groups; our R+D+I Korta centre in Donostia-San Sebastian is the seat of the European Theoretical Spectroscopy Facility and the POLYMAT University Institute for Polymeric Materials. The Campus of Gipuzkoa also hosts the Material Physics Joint Centre, simultaneously managed by the University of the Basque Country and the Spanish CSIC; finally, our prospected Scientific Park in the Campus of Biscay will be the head office of intensive R+D groups, an enterprise incubator and other R D I activities support services.

The University of the Basque Country has recently been certified 'Campus of International Excellence' in Spain. Our Euskampus project, submitted in partnership with the Donostia International Physics Center and TECNALIA Technological Corporation, displays our priority specialisation areas, based on three axes:

  • Sustainable Ecosystems and Environmental Technologies. We take part in several research projects aiming to develop renewable energy sources, progress in sustainable waste management standards, protect biodiversity and ecosystems and foster new construction methods that result in more rational, sustainable and planet-friendly cities.
  • Innovative Processes and New Materials. We work in the development of nanocomposites and nanotechnology for productive processes, try to improve prediction, control and operational properties of materials, and to advance in the field of robotics and management of information and innovation.
  • Healthy ageing and life quality. Our research groups strive to strengthen preventive measures that reduce the burden of chronic sickness, vulnerability and disability. Our work intends to implement healthier and fitter lifestyles. Furthermore, we are involved in biomedical engineering and efficient sanitary systems research projects.