8th Seminar on Women and the Media (EMAKOM)


Place and date

April 1st, 2022
Baroja Hall - Bizkaia Aretoa (Bilbao)

Free admission with prior registration, until full capacity is reached.


This 8th Seminar is dedicated in memoriam to Lucía Martínez Odriozola, lecturer at the Faculty of Social Sciences and Communication of the UPV/EHU, journalist and posthumous winner of the Emakunde 2021 Award, and organiser of this event in previous editions. This 2022 edition aims to deepen and reflect on current discussions and advances in media treatment with a gender and feminist perspective. 


09.30. Opening.
Izaskun Landaida (Director of Emakunde).
Ainara Larrondo (Conference leader).

10.00. Gender biases about older women in advertising and journalistic discourse. Begoña Sanz Garrido. Researcher at the University of Deusto specialising in gender bias in the media. 

11.00. From theory to practice: being a journalist and a feminist today. Isabel Valdés. Specialised journalist and gender correspondent for El País.

12.00. Coffee break

12.30. Round table: Feminist and gender media discourses: product or service? 

The round table will address, among others, issues such as the media 'boom' of feminism, the media coverage of sexual violence against women, the social contribution of the media to make the institutional and non-institutional feminist movement visible, disinformation and hoaxes about feminism, social networks and 'feminist hashtivism' and the experiences of the so-called gender correspondents in the media around us.


Maite Asensio. Journalist at Berria specialising in the coverage of gender and feminist issues. 

Maider Eizmendi, Dept. of Journalism, UPV/EHU. Researcher in scientific journalism with a gender perspective.

June Fernández. Journalist, co-founder and collaborator of the pioneering feminist magazine in the Basque Country "Pikara Magazine".

Moderator: Ainara Larrondo, Department of Journalism and head of the conference.



Begoña Sanz Garrido. PhD in Communication. Since 2001 she has worked as a researcher and lecturer on the Degree in Communication in the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences at the University of Deusto. She is a member of the Gender and Media research team, with which she has worked on the study of the media representation of women in relation to various topics: gender violence, business, politics, sport and ageing; the latter in radio, press, specialised magazines and advertising. As a result of this research, she has published several articles and is co-author of books such as Tratamiento de la violencia de género en la prensa vasca (2006), Dirigir en femenino (2009), Representaciones de las mujeres políticas en la prensa (2012), Las mujeres deportistas en la prensa: los Juegos Olímpicos de Londres 2012 (2015), Antes y después de los mass media (2016), Representaciones artísticas y sociales del envejecimiento (2018) and Comunicar Identidad(es) (2020).

Isabel Valdés. Journalist specialising in feminism. Graduate in Journalism from the Complutense University of Madrid and Master's Degree in Journalism from the UAM-EL PAÍS School. She is the newspaper's Gender correspondent. She is the author of the book Violadas o muertas (Península, 2018) on the case of La Manada and the feminist movement. She participates in talks and conferences on health, health and women, feminism, gender violence and the media, teaches on courses and master's degrees and was part of the team of Jauría, the play directed by Miguel del Arco about the case of La Manada.