Technology transfer

From its early days in 1989-1990, Lactiker is in close contact with a wide variety of agents of the production sector (enterprises, cheese makers, professional associations, Administration, institutions, and control organisms such as Protected Denominations of Origin). The research effort of Lactiker to ensure food quality had been recognized by several entities and professionals associations of the Agri-food sector.

The Regulatory Council of the Denomination of Origin Idiazabal Cheese and Lactiker maintain close collaboration to conduct research in order to improve the quality of this cheese and it yearly contracts the services of the Sensory Analysis Laboratory (LASEHU) to carry out the sensory quality control of the cheeses produced.

In recent years, within LASEHU research line, several new collaborations have been developed with other relevant Agri-Food stakeholders of the Basque Country, such a Rioja Alavesa and Txacoli wine producers. Regarding the meat quality research line, our investigators are in permanent contact with both meat enterprises and producers in order to meet their needs and demands. In this regard, there is growing interest in increase the awareness and add value to the less known meats, such as horsemeat.

Lactiker's researchers participate in Technology Transfer meetings organized by professional associations, governmental institutions, or agricultural education entities. In these meetings, in addition to presenting recent results and answering many questions, researchers learn about current problems to be later studied in the laboratory. Results of scientific investigations or technological developments are published in professional journals for the meat and cheese sectors.