Creation of the logo

UN Etxea set up an exhibition that graphically illustrated the 17 goals of the Agenda through panels, and taking advantage of the situation, it was decided to move it to the EASO Polytechnic School and add a panel that invited reflection on the lack of cultural and linguistic diversity in the Agenda. In order to create the SDG 18 panel, a competition was organised among the students of the Bachillerato de Artes of the Usandizaga secondary school. Although the logo was initially proposed as 17+1, it was later decided to place it as 18.

The presentation of the new target took place on 18 January 2018 in Easo, where the image that would appear on panel 18 was selected. The winning panel was created by Maia Etxebarria. On the other hand, the artist Karina Senatore was in charge of the design of the logo of the target 18.

Author of the logo: Maia Etxebarria; Author of the panel: Karina Senatore

Join the initiative: add the Goal 18 to your organism

The logos and panels proposed by the Chair can be used without any problem. However, we would be grateful if you could inform us of their use by writing to unesco-hizkuntzak.katedra@ehu.eus. In this way, we will be able to include your institution or educational centre in this initiative and publicise its use on our website.

The organisations that have asked us for permission to use the logo of the 17+1 Goal are:

  • CIFP Repelega LHII
  • Zumaiena school
  • Lauro school
  • Zarautz City Council
  • Andoain Town Council
  • Ortuella Town Council