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INTRO Bachelor’s Degree in Social Anthropology

Bachelor’s Degree in Social Anthropology

Social Anthropology is in charge of studying human experiences, their diversity in time and in space, and also social phenomena as current as socio-economic inequalities, ethnic, class, gender, religious and age identities, immigration and social policies, complex manifestations of popular and traditional culture, as well as the consequences of sociocultural changes.

The Bachelor’s Degree in Social Anthropology will provide students with the theoretical and practical tools required to analyse the complexity of social life. They will be trained to apply this knowledge to research and to understanding the relationships between different societies and cultures, as well as to analyse current issues, through field work and interventions. In the end students will have a broad, detailed and multi-focus x-ray of society.

In the fourth year, with the mandatory external internships, students will also see first-hand and in-depth the work that anthropologists do.