Other processes


In addition to all technologies and equipment described above, it is also necessary to have certain processes and auxiliary equipment to provide new functionality to processes or to collect important data and process variables absolutely necessary in the research practice, to deeply understand the process being carried out.

In this regard machine-tools present in the CFAA are prepared and ready to work with high pressure lubricant/refrigerant techniques and cryogenic cooling through a system developed in the UPV/EHU which integrates cryogenic cooling by means of CO2 and MQL (Minimum Quantity of Lubrication).

Process monitoring and control is also fully integrated into the CFAA machines with numerous sensors and wireless connectors to provide a lot of information from each test and process. A particularly important problem especially in the machining of thin-walled components, as is typical in the aeronautical industry, is known as chatter. This is a problem of self-excited vibrations which should be avoided in machining, by using stable process conditions, and for this task models and techniques previously developed at the UPV/EHU are of valuable utility.

In addition to the measuring systems present in the centre, it is also possible the in-process inspection using the SPRINT system from Renishaw, funding partner of the centre. Thus the creation of quality takes a broad sense; it does not focus only on the final check of the product or process.

It must not be forgotten the importance acquired by virtual environments in manufacturing practice, prior to machine tests setting-up or final component manufacturing. In this respect CAM software packages and virtual manufacturing are essential in the CFAA in order to verify and simulate machining programs. Its main goal is to detect potential collisions between different elements of the system as well as to optimize machining paths that reduce the total processing times while maintaining conditions that ensure the greatest possible tool life.