New advanced aeronautical manufacturing technologies will be developed at the Centre. The definition of these technologies are quite broad, given that the modern process now includes aspects of manufacturing, control, monitoring, and planning technologies.

Cutting-edge machine tool technology has a prominent presence at the Centre, as it is a sector of national strategic importance. Therefore, it is of a high caliber of significance to create efficient, highly robust, reliable, and precise processes.

Machine manufacturers will also be motivated by the improvement of their production processes, as they will have a testing laboratory for new designs, concepts, and machine tool capabilities.

The machines, technologies and projects developed are defined with greater precision in another section, but, in general, they can be categorized into the following groups:

  • High-performance machining processes, incorporating concepts of multi-axis machining, multitasking, precision and high speed machining.
  • Non-conventional processes, such as EDM and Laser mechanisms.
  • Metal additive manufacturing.
  • Special robotized welding processes.
  • Inspection and measurement.
  • CAM software and virtual manufacturing.
  • Grinding and finishing processes.
  • Advanced integration of models, simulation, monitoring and results prediction of the processes.
  • Integration of the information in line with the so-called industry 4.0 initiative.