Technical and Researcher Staff

The CFAA is an open collaboration between the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU) and the founding companies of this centre. This creates a space that invites and attracts talented individuals through its ability to combine scientific rigor, the creative atmosphere of the University, and a competitive business environment. These aspects, which combine efforts and transfer knowledge and wealth to the society, make the Centre one of the newest fundamental pillars of the University of Basque Country UPV/EHU.

Multidisciplinary groups of expert staff also work on the Centre´s projects with the objective of providing an eclectic combination of experiences, capabilities, and concepts. These different perspectives will ensure socioeconomic success and projection.

Technical staff from the CFAA


The main role of the staff is to coordinate the activities of the Centre. They are responsible for planning and executing the R+D+I activities of the centre and carrying out the transverse tasks of the centre, such as team coordination or compliance with various regulations.

Thus, the CFAA creates skilled jobs and advances the training of dozens of people a year who perform training tasks in the environment of the CFAA.

PDI: Teaching and research staff


This group of people is composed of teachers and researchers. The researchers of the CFAA are either linked to the centre in a global form or within a curricular line. For these individuals, the CFAA is an opportunity to improve their work in their careers, which reciprocally promotes the activities of the CFAA to connect with R&D stages that are already underway at the university.

Their presence here is vital, as these high capacity researchers contribute their knowledge, analytical skills, and international relations experiences to the Centre.

Within this group, there are two noteworthy figures for the present and future of the CFAA. These figures help to link and to ensure that parts of the research at lower MRL levels, already underway at the university, is oriented towards practicality, doctoral training, and new technicians training. They are:

  • Research Training Staff
  • Research Employed Staff

The latter figures may become central to the CFAA in the future, ensuring continuity and a way of transferring results through the people and technicians themselves.

Researchers of the companies in temporary stays in the CFAA (<em>CFAA fellows</em>)


In a temporary manner, and if the projects require, company staff may stay in the CFAA and work and participate in the daily life of the Centre. The CFAA is a common home of all partners.



It can be possible that the centre itself can attract researchers and staff from outside of the projects, such as Ikerbasque, Ramon y Cajal, etc. The CFAA may become a global centre of talent.

It is important not to forget that the CFAA as being part of the UPV/EHU participate in other training and research initiatives and activities. In this regard, it will be open to undergraduate and masters students to participate and work on their final projects. These are students, and there is nothing more promising than our students in the CFAA.

In short, the CFAA will be formed by a group of researchers and technicians who will get together and live in the same space, time, and objectives of their projects. An exceptional type of synergy may be achieved through participation in this group. And you can become one of these academically-renowned researchers! This is an open project; feel free to send us your ideas and interests.