Given the great importance of machining processes in advanced manufacturing of aeronautical components, the main research line of the CFAA is the development of high performance machining technologies, adding multi-axis machining concepts, multitasking, precision and high speed machining.

The centre offers the latest technology from machine tool manufacturers and industry leaders such as GMTK, DANOBAT, HERMLE, and IBARMIA. Among these machine-tools, there are two multiprocess turning machines that are oriented towards the machining of large revolution-shaped parts, such as turbine casings and disks. The CFAA also has another two 5-axis multitasking machining centres. One of such machine-tools is able to combine milling and grinding.

  • Vertical lathe-milling machine VR-2.4 (GMTK): A vertical lathe with 2 linear axes and a rotation C axis with a spindle possibility of 180° automatic rotation and hydrostatic guiding. It has a maximum working range of 2200 mm in diameter for the manufacture of revolution-shaped components, such as large disks and aircraft engine casings.
  • Vertical lathe TV-500 (DANOBAT): This is a vertical turning center with 4 axes and a hydrostatic linear guiding, double turret and automatic tool changer. The power of the main spindle is 80 kW. This machine, like the GMTK, is intended for the manufacture of casings and discs.
  • 5 axis multitasking machining center THR 16 (IBARMIA): This is a 5 axis machining center that combines milling and turning operations. The main spindle has a power of 74 kW, while the torque motor of the table (C axis) reaches 70 Kw, which allows several hundred revolutions per minute in order to perform turning operations. It also has an automatic tool changer driven by an anthropomorphic robot.
  • 5 axis multitasking machining center (HERMLE): 5 axis machining center that combines 5-axis milling, turning and grinding operations. Its main spindle has a power of 80 kW, a maximum working diameter of 1200 mm, and a torque motor for the C axis. This machine is oriented towards the manufacturing of rotor blades and integrated blisks and Impellers.