The burr removal is a main question in the aeronautical industry, to provide an excellent surface finishing to the workpieces. A single release of these burrs inside a jet engine while running could cause catastrophic effects, which usually spin over ten thousand revolutions per minute. Therefore the removal of these material projections has become in a stand-alone industry out of the conventional machining.

Burrs appear in many manufacturing processes like casting or machining as the result of material projection out of the cut. Traditionally the burr removal has been done by hand tools which can be equipped with a motor, which cannot easily get the high accuracy and repeatability standards of the aircraft manufacturing. In order to improve these parameters, the automatic deburring was developed.

The CFAA has a super-finishing deburring cell with an air-worked turbine coupled to a CNC based robot. This technology provides the centre a high performance finishing method for high-cost components, almost without any limitation of geometry.