General objectives


The CFAA seeks to promote the development of expeditiously applicable manufacturing technologies for both the partner companies of the project and the general industry.

This approach aims to advance current levels of technological development associated in the sphere of universities (MRL, Manufacturing Readiness Levels 2 to 5) to levels of technological readiness in sufficiently representative environments (MRL levels 6 to 8), which are closer to the production needs of companies. The applicability of knowledge is particularly significant to this project and centre.

Current activities performed by the CFAA:

  • Industrial demonstration, to accelerate the introduction of new products into manufacturing, whether these new products are made by manufacturers or by their suppliers.
  • The re-engineering of existing production processes to develop alternative and enhanced processes.
  • The demonstration and application of new horizontal technology developments for measuring, machining, connections, tooling, etc. in the field of advanced industrial manufacturing.
  • The industrial validation of projects to reduce risks and deadlines, enabling the demonstration of the technical and economic feasibility of investments before their implementation into production.
  • The manufacturing of prototypes for functional product demonstrations, including the possibility of manufacturing the test bench itself.
  • The design and validation of specific aeronautical equipment with the aim of carrying out machining tests on parts; the validation of the performance of machines and improvements in the manufacturing processes of these parts.
  • The promotion of postgraduate education towards specialization in the field of advanced manufacturing technologies, performed in close collaboration with the companies and sectors linked to the centre.
  • The opening of new lines of R&D&I in the field of advanced manufacturing technologies in collaboration with companies and sectors involved in the centre, which contributes to the development of projects for the European Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.
  • To implement Collaborative PhD theses to facilitate contacts with other similar centres at an internal level, which encourage the internationalization of the CFAA.