Statement of commitment

PhD student supervision functions are laid out in a statement of commitment signed by the head of the doctoral programme, the thesis supervisor, the tutor and the PhD student him or herself. This document must be signed as quickly as possible once the thesis supervisor has been appointed.

Research plan

After the end of the first year, the PhD student will draft a Research Plan which shall include, at the very least, the methodology to be used and the objectives to be attained, as well as the means and time frame for the research activities to be carried out. The Research Plan shall be modified annually to outline any progress made, and the Programme's Academic Commission is responsible for assessing it.

If the assessment of the Plan by the Academic Commission is negative (always on the basis of justifiable objections), the PhD student must draft and submit a new Research Plan within the following six months. If the Plan is again deemed unacceptable, the PhD student will no longer be allowed to continue on the programme.

Document of activities

A customised Document of Activities shall be created for each PhD student which will outline all the training activities carried out during their time in the Doctoral Programme. The document will be generated automatically on the basis of the activities each PhD student uploads to the GAUR application.

Other Procedures

Submission of doctoral thesis

Thesis defence formalities

Confidentiality statement